Woodworking and carpentry, for the most part, are about attaching two or more boards together, aka “JOINERY”. There are all types of joinery starting with methods as basic as nails, screws and glue. Over the last few decades high-tech joinery methods made their way into both hobbyist and professional woodworking including the “Pocket Hole” (Kreg), Beadlock (Rockler), Dominos (Festool) and peg doweling jigs.  That being said the go-to joinery since day-one (think Joseph circa 20 B.C.) has always been “Mortise and Tenon”, a joinery method which involves the boring of a female “mortise” deep into the surface of one board and then cutting a long matching male “tenon” on the end of a 2nd board. The tenon end of the 1st board is inserted, usually along with glue, into the mortise on the 2nd board to form a hugely strong and long lasting connection. We will now be so bold as to take mortise and tenon joinery to the next level via our patented Threaded Tenon Joinery™ system, affectionately referred to as “TENONS ON STEROIDS®”

It’s About Knock-Down™

Our patented Threaded Tenons™ allow the woodworker/carpenter to frame both small and large projects in “knock-down” format, that is, to be built in a manner that allows the components to be assembled, disassembled, and then reassembled an unlimited number of times. Unlike pocket holes, screws, hanger-bolts or nails components joined with our tenons will not lose structural integrity through repeated disassembly. Unlike Dominos, biscuits, Bead-Lock or traditional wood tenons there is no glue at the mortise-to-tenon joint, again meaning the components can be disassembled and reassembled. Our Threaded Tenons™ are the only joinery method that can make this claim and is the basis for one U.S. Patent and claims made in several other U.S. Patents Pending. The unique design of our Threaded Tenons has repeatable knock-down capability meaning the components can be “dry-fitted” to confirm proper fit and then disassembled for final sanding, staining, painting; to package/crate in a much smaller container substantially reducing shipping costs; to move large items (like beds, bunks, lofts, dining tables etc) through narrow door openings or up stairs/elevators; or to allow fabrication of even larger projects such as raised garden beds, gazebos, pergolas and timber-frame buildings in an environmentally controlled indoor shop and later assembled on the job site.

How to…


So, how do we get other woodworkers and carpenters, from novice DIYs to professional Master Carpenters, and manufacturers to give this concept a try and to then decide for themselves if Tenons on Steroids® are what they claim?
To get things rolling we’ve designed a series of projects around Threaded Tenon Joinery™. We build the prototypes for those projects with a video cam rolling in the background. Some of those clips are posted on YouTube as “trailers” but most are organized into detailed tutorials in our online Project Courses. Access to these tutorials is included with the purchase of a Project Kit for each project. The tutorial videos are sequenced, with a Table of Contents, starting with A) Design/Cutlist Phase (in SketchUp); then to B) Shaping Raw Materials; next to C) Glue-Ups & Panelizing then wrapping things up with; D) Assembly & Finishing. These tutorials are NOT on YouTube thus they are free of ads and distractions and even have playback speed controls to be viewed at fast or slow-motion. Participants in a course are also provided access to an online forum for that project where other “students” form an online community to ask questions, share ideas and brag about their progress. Mike and other instructors monitor the forum activities and can step in when needed. We also offer one-on-one online mentoring via Private Sessions, Hands-On Workshops and even on-location training for furniture manufacturers.

You may have found some of my “redacted” tutorials on YouTube. Think of these as “trailers” to the full series of video tutorials which are organized into an online “Project Course” for each Project Kit. Each online course starts with a Table of Contents allowing the user to view the tutorials in sequence or to jump in and out as desired. Access credentials to each online course is included with the purchase of the related Project Kit along with both READ AND WRITE privileges to the forum for that same course.


Another method of learning is my (coming soon) “Private Session” mentoring. Purchased in 30-day increments these sessions are conducted via a unique, one-on-one online forum directly with the instructor. The student can privately ask specific questions; can get help with customizing the project; and the two can share files. (More about this coming soon but until then if you would like to help me test this system I am currently offering a limited number of free sessions. If interested please click on the Contact Us form to request a Private Session).


Mike offers project-specific, Hands-On Workshops here, in Door County, WI and at other venues (TBA). During these workshops a limited number of students build the entire project and will learn some of the tricks-of-the-trade that can’t be realized through any other medium.  Remember, “It’s About Knock-Down™” because we use Mike’s patented Threaded Tenon Joinery™,  so the small finished projects can be knocked down to fit into checked baggage on an airline or economically shipped via FedX/UPS. The mid-sized projects (i.e. dining tables, bunk beds, dorm-room lofts etc.) will fit in the back of an SUV and the really large projects (i.e. timber-frame gazebos and pergolas) will easily transport in the bed of a pickup.


Professional furniture builders, furniture manufacturers and builders of structures will want to give our Threaded Tenon Joinery™ a serious look. Our odd-shaped threaded metal tenons are ideal for mass production of knock-down furniture and structures. Our system makes it possible to not only fabricate but to then totally “dry assemble” beds, bunk beds, dorm-room lofts, dining tables and workbenches and then ship, frequently using standard UPS/FEDx rates, at a fraction of the cost to ship an assembled unit. Our engineered versions (coming soon) allow timber-framers to manufacture and then pre-assemble entire structures indoors, under controlled environments, to test fit, disassemble, finish and then ship knocked-down components for re-construction on remote jobsites.

Interested? I want to help! You have the interest, the time? I’ll be there in a heartbeat. No Charge! I’ll work with your technical, design, marketing and/or manufacturing staff to make it happen.

Project Kits


Now for “Making Sawdust” … We are feverishly designing a series of woodworking projects that incorporate Tenons on Steroids®. We field-test our drawings by building each project in our own shop. Once we’ve worked out the bugs we videotape the complete sequence, start-to-finish (including the SketchUp design phase), and place teaser segments of that video on YouTube. We then package a “kit” for each project including all specialty hardware, templates(if any), and other hard-to-find components. (In most cases we leave the lumber and heavy metal up to you.). These Project Kits are available for purchase in our Online Store.  The purchaser also receives immediate access to the downloadable SketchUp (.skp) design file; the printable PDF Cut-List file; login credentials for 24/7 access to the online Project Course tutorials for that project; and both read AND WRITE access to the Forum for that same project.


Our U.S. Patents

“The United States Patent Office (USPTO) grants patents to inventions that meet three main criteria. The invention must be novel, nonobvious, and useful. To be novel, an invention must be substantially different from anything else that is public knowledge…”.

It’s not easy (or cheap) to get a U.S. Patent but we did it, not only once but two other patent applications are well on their way along with several USPTO trademarks.
  • USPTO Design Patent #USD856786S1
  • USPTO Provisional Utility Patent Filed 2018
  • USPTO Non-Provisional Utility Patent Filed
  • USPTO Trademark Issued for “Tenons on Steroids®”
  • USPTO Trademark Filed for “It’s About Knockdown™”

All of the above are quite significant and rare in the long established field of woodworking. It was, however, the “perfect storm” of new technologies such as, our favorite GRK Fasteners, affordable socket-type machine bolts, laser fabrication and interest in DIY woodworking that makes our system functional and patentable. One of the key components, to both the US Patent Office approval and the real-life benefits of our Threaded Tenon Joinery™ system, is the ability to create “knock-down” ” woodworking projects and structures.